2010 | October 7

Deloitte Hindu Network, Paths up the Mountain: Using Sound to Manage Stress, 1st Floor, 2 New Street Square, London

Testimonial | Pooja Agarwal – Deloitte | ‘Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine’

“The talk on sound and stress management, part of the ‘Paths up the Mountain’ series, was an introduction to language, truth and the power of sound. Those who remained were reluctant to let the speaker go, our time over running by an hour. One of many highlights was the rendition of a 9600 year old rap, written by Ravana, a scholar of immense intelligence and one of Shiva’s greatest devotees. Obsessed with his powers and egoistic, yet eventually tired of rampaging across the Earth, the King finally asks, ‘When will I be happy?’ Beginning with our palms held together, so as to close the gap between the right and left lobes of our brains, we went on to learn of the physiological benefits of a few basic sounds, and how to use them to free up our inner space, how to harmonise and concentrate energy patterns, focusing the diffuse into that which is laser like”.